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Behind the Lens

​My first camera was a Brownie 127 which I received as a birthday gift when I was about 8 years old. Tucked away in the archives there are still a few old black and white pictures of family and friends taken with that camera.

When I went into the army at age nineteen I bought a little Olympus PenEE Half Frame which gave me literally thousands of amazing pictures in the Namibian desert with no effort whatsoever. I kept all the film and had it developed and printed when I returned home after my training.

The following year I bought an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic (Mainly because that is what Sam Haskins was using at the time - and I loved Cowboy Kate). I also bought a Paterson 35mm Developing Tank and a really cheap B & W Enlarger which served me perfectly well right up until I passed it on to my daughter when she went to college some 28 years later.


I still have the Spotmatic (55 years on), but haven't used it for a while, preferring the forgiveness and freedom that my Nikon D750 DSLR affords me, allowing me to live in the moment and edit at my leisure.

I have a few friends / acquaintances who are far better than I in a great many respects when it comes to the nitty gritty of photography and editing, but I am not sure that they have nearly as much fun with it as I do....... and the purpose of this site is to pass on to you that sense of satisfaction and pleasure that can be derived from photography ................. and hopefully persuade you to contact me and buy a picture or six.

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Brownie 127             Olympus PenEE (Half Frame)          Asahi Pentax Spotmatic                Nikon D750
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