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The end of March / Early April is always a busy time for Bathurst. Things invariably kick off with the Bathurst Agricultural Show, with just a couple of weeks before the Bathurst Book Fair hits the headlines. Easter, funnily enough, seems to be a traditionally quiet weekend that slots itself into and around these other two happenings.

After the disaster that was Covid which saw two years without an Agricultural Show, last year unfortunately saw its return with a weekend of "wet" ........... very, very "wet" ................ but happily, this year saw a 'perfect weather weekend' that pulled in more than 8000 visitors through the gates, generating some good revenue for the show's needy coffers after the slow, (or non-existent), previous few years. Happily, some of the stalls were able to brag about doing turnover that seriously updated their historical records, and this all bodes well for next year which should, as a result, attract a bumper number of exhibitors.

As alway the Bathurst Agricultural Museum were well prepared for the Agricultural Show with the majority of their outdoor antique machines sporting new coats of paint, and with their stand at the show walking away with quite a few important prizes and honorable mentions. It never ceases to amaze me just what the two or three old geezers that literally do everything at the Museum are forever able to put together for the show, and for their own exhibits right through the year. It certainly deserves a visit if you are ever in the area.

The approaching weekend of the 29/30 April sees this year's Bathurst Bookfair, and if you happen to be in anyway involved with books, be it their selling, publishing, printing or simply reading, make every effort to get to Bathurst one way or another .............. it's going to be a blast!

The beautiful autumn weather and plentiful rains that we have experienced over the past couple of months mean that not only those gardens that are taken care of, but the entire Ndlambe countryside, are looking absolutely beautiful.

Our garden has been a riot of color the entire summer, but autumn seems to bring out the best in some of the plants, and I have taken the opportunity to photograph a few of the flowers and spend a bit of time playing with HDR - which always helps to give the images that 'extra dimension', and make the flowers look that little bit more exciting than they otherwise would ............... so I am attaching a few of the HDR pics here to give you an idea of this aspect of photography.

Until next time.

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