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"THE LITTLE THEATRE ON THE GREEN" .............. or simply "THE STAGE"

Over the Christmas season this year all the residents of Bathurst (and all of the towns and villages in the Ndlambe District), were overjoyed when Annie Katz re-opened the Bistro after a hiatus of nearly three years due to Covid. Annie's Sunday evening music get togethers became "The" place to be back then with a host of amazing artists visiting on a regular basis.

NOW! Happily!!!! Selena Grant has taken the bull by the horns and taken over what used to be the Bistro floorspace and created "The Little Theatre on the Green" - The Stage .......... which she opened on the 1st of July with a 60's, 70's & 80's Tribute Show starring Anthony Caplan, Aden Hinds & Kurt Stone. It was a roaring success and had to be re-staged to another full house on the 8th where I agreed to take a few photographs.

Bathurst is blessed with a wealth of talent in a number of fields, but is particularly well endowed when it comes to musicians, and Anthony, Aden and Kurt are right out of the top drawer.

These three guys were magnificent, giving us both individually - and as a group - the most magnificent renditions of the era's in question - covering everyone from Elvis and Dylan, to the Beatles, Stones, Shadows and a whole host of others that I can't remember right now ........... with the highlight of the show being an accurate and rabble-rousing rendition of the Shadow's 'Apache'.

I am adding one picture here of the guys and one of some of the audience - a whole bunch of pics however can also be be found on this site HERE.

Selena has happily already set up quite a few events for future weeks, some of which I am taking the liberty of grabbing her ads for below. Just be sure to book well in advance - The Stage currently only holds 50 patrons and operates on a BYO basis as far as refreshments are concerned, but the most fantastic Pizzas and Pastas are available from Annie's Bistro right next door. If you're coming from afar then be sure to book with us well in advance at No.6 York Road ............ we are right across the road from The Stage, so no driving will be necessary - just CLICK on this line.

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