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Summerhill back in the Bathurst Mix

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

The 7th of February 2023 saw a "laid back" launch of the newly refurbished and renovated Summerhill Estate at the site of the Big Pineapple in Bathurst. It was a 'by invitation only' event which was remarkably well attended .............. the main drawcard obviously being the presence of Robin Auld who is currently on tour and very kindly visited the "Centre of the Universe" while in the area to provide everyone present with a really sparkling evening's entertainment. During the course of the evening he was joined for a couple of sets by local residents Cornelia Beer, and later by Kurt (Stone) & Selena (Grant).

Summerhill was (as I understand things), for many years a Protea Hotel which was allowed to fall into a state of bad disrepair, and while there have been ongoing rumors regarding its imminent resurrection over the five years since we have been in Bathurst, it is only now - since the reins were taken by Shelley Handley - that it has suddenly re-opened and reappeared in quite the most attractive of ways.

I think that aside from all of the village residents being really happy that it has re-opened, a large number of visitors that visited there over the years will be equally happy to know that it is once again available to slot into their itineraries.

Robin performing while Shelley keeps the friendly young donkey at bay.

Robin and Cornelia punching out one of their really enjoyable duets

The period since my opening blog here has been extremely busy constructing this website and getting my online photographic store at properly up and running ................ so here's hoping that you when you read this you will take the trouble to go in and take a squiz - and where possible pass on recommendations to anyone that you might know requiring images for decor and or promotional/advertising purposes. It really would be very much appreciated.

A large part of this exercise has been filtering through a virtual lifetime's worth of photographs that I have taken, and (sadly), having to set aside the vast majority that I love, but which have no real commercial value, and settling rather for those which will hopefully have an appeal to the hearts and minds of people out there whose tastes span a huge range of genres.

Whatever your thoughts and likes/dislikes however, thanks for reading this far, and please leave a comment of sorts before leaving, it makes a huge difference to know that someone is at least taking notice.

Have good one!

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