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Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Going into 2023 I have decided to become considerably more active photographically than I have been in the past. Having finally retired from building and restoration I have decided to concentrate on marketing my abilities as a photographer - something I have been dabbling with since I was 12 years old ........ which adds up to a good 65 years of experience one way and another. Aside from restructuring this website, I have also set up a store at and take this opportunity to ask all those of you who land on this page please to forward the link on to anyone you know who might be able to make use of my images for any purpose whatsoever ..... from a home and office decor point of view through to advertising and business presentations and/or motivation or banner representations.

I have recently also become considerably more active Instagram, putting myself out there daily as both and in an effort to bring my work to a much wider audience. I also retain my Facebook page as a reminder to all of my friends and family that I am trying to make it in this business, so is just one more place where you can find me.

Until May of this year (2022), I did fairly regular updates to my "Spirit of Place" blog, but have neglected it somewhat during the construction wind-down and the setting up of this website and my store, it seems to have virtually disappeared off the Google listings. I will be concentrating on getting it back up to speed now as well as we march into 2023.

As a teaser for what we can look forward to on this site and in the store, I am putting up a couple of pics taken very recently at a friend's home here in Bathurst of an AFRICAN PYGMY-KINGFISHER (Ispidina picta), that had begun nesting in an abandoned mole hole which was exposed in a bank of soil where they had started excavating. Enjoy!

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