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Welcome to my new website

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Setting up this new website around the template of the old one has been quite a task, and as it now stands is in fact far from finished........and is indeed a work in progress, with a huge amount of sorting, adding and deleting that still has to happen.......but I am getting there.

The plan has been to create a format which will serve a few main purposes, all of which fall under a heading that I have endeavored to evoke in one form or another in each and every photograph that I take, viz., "Spirit of Place".

  1. To provide a vehicle which will allow me to begin marketing and selling my photographs through the use of Categories, each of which include available images from the various genres that I have chosen to work in.

  2. Then, to establish a set of Albums which cover our travels and the places my wife Pat and I have visited in recent years - each place being an inspiration in one form or another, and specific photographs from which form the basis of the various categories. Aside from a couple of trips overseas, the majority of our travel has been in all countries South of the Zambezi, (some 240,000 Kms over the past 15 years), and as much as I would like to have covered every single place of interest, this is simply not possible in this format, but I do hope that in time this Blog will allow me to feature a number of really interesting places that have not (for whatever reason), made it onto the website.

  3. Also, to establish a set of Themes with attached photographs to assist you (the reader or buyer), to decide which of my pictures will best suit a specific space (or spaces), in one or more of the various rooms in your home or place of business.

  4. And finally to establish a set of photographic Chronicles that record specific places or events which I have either visited or witnessed with a view to providing a visual document of sorts which captures the subject matter in both space and time.

So .............. I really do hope that I can persuade you to subscribe and receive notifications of each new publication going forward - I also hope that I can persuade you to inform your family and friends about this website which in many cases can serve as a reference for travels in Southern Africa, but also provide everyone with the opportunity to buy a really nice pic or six to hang in their homes.

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